Nearshore to Dominican Republic

  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Country Stability

    Dominican Republic (DR) has been a stable democracy since 1945 with a yearly GDP growth of ~5% annually. The US and DR maintain an excellent political and economical relationship and recently signed the DR-CAFTA to facilitate common trade further. As a result of this strong relationship, all major franchises found in the US are also in DR. In addition, many US multinationals maintain operations in DR such as Hanes, 3M, and Johnson & Johnson to mention a few.

    Geographical Location & Time Zone

    Dominican Republic (DR) is a 2-hour flight from Miami, FL and 3-hour flight from New York, NY. There are 9 international airports in DR.  There are also over 50 direct daily flights to/from FL, NY, GA, NJ, MA, and Puerto Rico.

    Dominican Republic (DR) in the EST timezone (winter EST+1) which facilitates communication with the staff in DR and overall business.

    Cultural Affinity

    Dominican Republic (DR) has an estimated 10% of its population in the US, which generates family visiting and staying in the US. In fact, NY is called ‘second largest dominican city’ because its Dominican population is larger than Santiago, the second largest DR city. Many Dominicans are also US residents and citizens. Hence, The DR is highly influenced by US Culture, all TV channels are watched in DR, baseball games followed, political decisions compared, etc.

    People, English, and Technical Skills

    English is commonly taught as schools and there many bilingual schools where English is the main language of instruction. The DR government has a long standing commitment with English teaching programs and annually they sponsor school and university level English programs. Because of the cultural affinity, the DR support agents and personnel have a neutral accent which is a key advantage in support services.

    Technical skills are equally strong in development, testing and support roles. Universities in DR run program in collaboration with US universities such as Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, Steven’s Institute of Technology and others with excellent technical programs. In addition, the telecommunications, banking, insurance and software industries have generated the on-the-job training opportunities and experience for the students to excel.

    DR Telecom Infrastructure

    DR has one of the most advanced telecommunications networks in the Latin America, in part due to investment of what used to be Verizon Dominicana. Several fiber optic cables connect the DR to the US. In addition, the DR hosts the Network Access Point of the Caribbean (NAP) that concentrates LATAM traffic and connects up to the NAP in Miami, FL.