Human Talent

  • Human Talent

    At Newtech, we focus on finding the best talent for every role. Our people are the most significant asset we have, and having the best people sets us apart from other companies. We care about our team well-being, abilities, and potential; and we work very hard to keep everyone with us.

    We have developed a company culture where our team is our priority, and where service results are in harmony with being young, dynamic, creative, learning, and having fun. Because having fun at what you do provides better business results.

    We have created an environment with excellent development and growth opportunities directly related to the team’s performance and career objectives. Everyone has a customized career path based on objectives. Our people understand that the common inspiration and motivation of a team to do their best provides growth and opportunities for everyone involved.

    Talent Recruiting and Hiring

    We work hard to ensure that recruiting and hiring yields the best talent; however, in our case this is facilitated when opportunities open and people flood to work with us. Our team tells other professionals how they feel and people come. Personal recommendations continue to work well when companies do it right.

    There is an availability of highly prepared and skilled labor graduating from well-known local universities which have developed programs with respected universities such as Harvard, Carnegie-Mellon, Columbia, Steven’s Institute of Technology and others. These professionals are joining our team in diverse roles in software development, software QA or testing, technical support, customer service, sales, and other disciplines.

    Before joining the team, candidates must pass a rigorous human talent process, which include an appropriate match of the candidate to the requirements of the position. In addition, all professionals who are accepted to be part of the company must adhere to a code of ethics which includes our key values and the respect of those of our clients.

    Talent Retention

    We work hard to hire the best talent and we work for that talented team to remain with us. Retention is critical factor and we are proud to be one of the companies in our business with the lowest turnover rates in the Dominican Republic. We have developed initiatives that have proven to be important to our team commitment and growth:

    • Benefits Plan: We have developed a detailed benefits plan for our team considering their personal needs, interests and well-being. Our team enjoys medical insurance, preventive medicine, and dental plans. We celebrate special events, such as ‘Health Week’, were doctors, nurses, and dentists setup a temporary facility at our office to care for our team members. We have strong agreements with financial institutions to provide personal loans, mortgage, insurance, and others. In addition, we have agreements with Sports, Recreation and Culture facilities for our employees to complement their personal life.
    • Customized Career Plan: Our people understand their ability to grow within the organization and prepare themselves for more challenging and demanding roles. Because everyone is different, everyone has a different and customized plan to put the energy and focus and what they need to do to achieve their next goal.
    • Continuous Education and Training: In technology and services changes are fast and our team needs to keep up. We provide customized onsite, offsite, and eLearning courses (proprietary, academic institutions, and geared towards employee certifications) to our team which cover soft and hard skills, technical and non-technical programs to achieve specific performance objectives.
    • Motivation and Integration: We have several incentives, bonus, and activities that are not only geared towards recognition of excellence in the team, but also extracurricular activities to allow people to know each other better and share experiences. We celebrate special holidays such as Halloween, Mother’s Day, Christmas party, birthdays, and others.
    • Active Participation Programs: The opinion of our team is very important and we provide programs where they can contribute to the decision making of the company and organization of events. Established committees for security or health provide the framework for people to collaborate, lead and make decisions on behalf of the company. Ad-hoc committees provide a similar opportunity but generally have time define objectives.