Information Security and Business Continuity

  • Security is one of our essential and fundamental values.

    Newtech has implemented an information security management system following the ISO27000:2005 standard to protect our own information and that our client’s.

    Our Information Security Department sets the information security policies and procedures, including employee roles and responsibilities with respect to security. Our soon to be certified processes, includes these components:

    • Information Security Management: covering the overall structure of our company security system, policy definition, incident management, and review of security policies.
    • Technology and Infrastructure Security: covering the access control and infrastructure management, access to development, testing, and production systems; and business continuity assurance.
    • Administrative Security: covering all people-related resources, such as access physical security, company asset management, and other key control systems.

    Because our operations require service continuity, we have designed and built our infrastructure to allow us to maintain a service level availability on our technology platform of 99,9% today. This level of availability, together with our detailed contingency plan, provides a proven combination to respond to our clients needs in the event of a malfunction.
    Service availability is maintained with a robust combination of equipment, hardware, and software from well-known makers. Our infrastructure includes:

    • Antivirus to avoid loss of information.
    • Redundant Firewalls and Content Filtering System to avoid unauthorized access.
    • Redundant server infrastructure.
    • Redundant data back-up in compliance with security.
    • Redundant Internet fiber optic links different carriers.
    • Redundant telephony links to different carriers.
    • Redundant A/C systems to guarantee adequate temperature.
    • Redundant Power Supply to guarantee electrical service: Diesel Generators and UPS.
    • Year-round facilities maintenance.
    • 24/7 Security and manned facilities.