Why Newtech?

  • Strategic Partnership Vision

    Newtech works with clients as a strategic partner contributing with its vision, experience, and creativity to make our client’s business successful. We look at the overall picture with our client’s business not just the portion which may be outsourced, which is an essential part of ensuring the relationship bring business value.

    To provide the solution required by our clients, we adapt to our client’s needs so we are truly a partner to our clients.

    Human Talent

    At Newtech, we focus on finding the best talent for every role. Our people are the most significant asset we have, and having the best people sets us apart from other companies. We care about our team well-being, abilities, and potential; and we work very hard to keep everyone with us. Because having fun at what you do provides better business results.


    Newtech is the largest software development and most respected BPO company in the Dominican Republic. We provide our clients with high quality results and help them make their life easy. Newtech works closely with clients that value the strategic partner ability to help grow the business.

    We have in-depth knowledge of key industries, such as the banking and credit card business, or the online portal management of telecommunications carriers. Our clients value our continuous collaboration in the development and testing of software tools, technical support, and customer facing initiatives with their customers.