Newtech is committed with the Software Industry in Dominican Republic

  • Newtech is committed to the national development of software and BPO industries. Last year, Newtech cofounded the DR Cluster of Software companies (ClusterSoft), a nonprofit organization that includes all major DR software makers, all technical universities, and the government institutions responsible for the promotion and export of Dominican IT services. Last January, Jose Luis del Rio, Newtech’s CEO, was elected President of ClusterSoft.

    On August 4th2010, at the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (FUNGLODE),  ClusterSoft presented the “Strategic Plan for the Growth of Software Industry in the Dominican Republic,“ to President Leonel Fernandez.

    Jose Luis presented ClusterSoft’s 2011/2012 Strategic Plan to promote the Dominican Republic as the preferred nearshore IT outsourcing destination. The plan lays out the four fundamental pillars of this strategy which includes: the development of human technical talent, the certification of software companies in international standards, the promotion of DR abroad, and the strengthening of the legal framework of the industry.

    The strategic plan includes the intensive training of 10,000 bilingual software engineers in 24 months (5,000 in first 12 months).

    At the presentation, attended by the key ministers and government officials, educational institutions, software companies, and foreign ambassadors to the Dominican Republic, the President committed to provide the funding for ClusterSoft’s strategic plan and established quarterly review meetings.

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  • I hope this will benefit DR in the near future!!

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