Business Process Outsourcing

  • Today the business environment is changing fast and we help our clients adapt to it working together with a long-term strategic partnership vision. Because they way to achieve results requires the utilization of proven solutions with an experienced partner who understands the challenges of your business.

    Every client is unique, and achieving success requires a tailored BPO solutions proposal that will consider the business industry and the unique challenges of the each client. The comprehensive solutions proposal can include customer acquisition, retention, customer service, and process reengineering. Our tailored model approach is based on three fundamental steps:

    1. Understanding the client’s vision: goals and objectives, short through long-term.
    2. Review, analysis, diagnosis and solutions design incorporating best practices.
    3. Execute to achieve goals.

    Take a look at our service portfolio to learn how we can help. Contact us for more information.

    Customer Acquisition

    • Telemarketing Campaigns: Subscriptions, Sales Appointment Scheduling
    • Direct Response Campaigns: TV, Internet, Media
    • Order Processing
    • Cross Selling
    • Up Selling

    Customer Service and Retention

    • Customer Service: Information, Consultation, Welcome Package, Post-sale service
    • Customer Service: Activation, Authorizations, Transactions, Claims, Complaints
    • Customer Retention Campaigns
    • Customer Loyalty (Program Redemption)
    • Customer Database Update (Phone, Email, Address)
    • Surveys & Opinion
    • Centralized Operator Assistance
    • Suggestion Box
    • Quality Assurance


    • Customer Payment Reminders

    IT Support Helpdesk

    • Incident Request (IR) Management
    • PC software and hardware solutions
    • Business applications
    • Products warrantees
    • E-help online customer support (live chat)

    BackOffice Processes:

    • Data Entry
    • Documentation
    • Gathering and verification
    • Transcription of forms
    • Physical and electronic deliveries
    • Management of faxes and mail
    • Few outbound calls to: Respond to claims, data verification, etc.

    Automated Services


    • Transactions
    • Registration and activation
    • Data updates
    • Password Changes
    • Problem Reporting and Solving
    • Recharging of Minutes/Credit
    • Payments

    Orders and Follow-up:

    • Order management (input and tracking)

    Voice Recognition

    • Product Ordering
    • Payments
    • Office and Customer Service Center information
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Activation and Blocking of Products (phones, cards, etc)

    Virtual Agent

    • Allows the delivery of personalized voice messages to customers at a lower cost.

    Remote Call Center

    • Leasing the Newtech nBusiness Suite technological infrastructure through the Internet to run your call center.