Information Technology Services

  • We at Newtech aim to be a strategic partner to our clients, providing the on-time and customized information technology services they need to continue to grow and prosper in the highly competitive international business environment. We can contribute to improving the quality and effectiveness of your IT resources by offering a wide range of specialized services like business analysis, and project management, combined with our software development, and quality assurance services.

    Our company can accompany you at every step of the IT services life cycle: We can provide advice in to which IT solutions may be best suited for your company; we can develop original software to meet your specific needs; we can ensure that your software is working properly and serving the desired needs; and we can assist your company in the implementation and maintenance of the software and other IT services. Additionally, our telecommunication services can complement your IT offerings or needs by providing help desk and customer support services.

    In addition to helping develop original IT solutions, our team is qualified to test third-party software to ensure quality and uninterrupted service, under any condition. We are a Quality Assurance center of excellence providing this and other IT solutions to national and international clients in sensitive industries such as banking, insurance and telecommunications.

    We can guarantee continued quality in our services because of our international certifications and highly-skilled staff. Our team and company has received key industry standards certifications such as ITIL and ISO9001: 2000, and from the Quality Assurance and Project Management Institutes. Our team of experts and technicians have expertise in the most commonly used programming languages, such as JAVA, .NET, and LAMP.

    Headquartered in the Dominican Republic, in the heart of the Caribbean, we are strategically located to provide on-time services to clients Worldwide. The cultural affinity, strong language skills and geographical closeness are only some of the added benefits we can offer our national and international clients.