How To Become A Full-Stack Developer In 2021

How To Become A Full-Stack Developer In 2021

The digital landscape is a continuously transitioning environment, which means developers are kept on the edge of their seats. Maintaining an awareness of the advancements in the industry takes a particular set of skills.

A passionate Dev requires the ability to be both adaptable and multilingual across many coding languages, as they become responsible for both the frontend and backend creation of a website. Beginners must combat the intimidating task of becoming a fully-fledged developer by approaching the many hurdles with drive and commitment.

Let’s take a broad look at the efficient ways to become a full developer today.

Frontend and Backend Web Development

In order to become a fully-fledged, you must understand how a website is made from both the frontend (which is viewable by the user) and the backend (how the system functions behind the scenes). A full-stack is created when the frontend and backend are blended together to generate an operable digital experience – from website to app.

The backend stack consists of a web framework, a programming language, a database, a web server, and an operating system. One of the more popular examples is a LAMP stack (Linux – operating system, Apache – HTTP Server, MySQL – the database system, and PHP – the programming language), however, there are a multitude of models out there.

By shaping the backend elements, full developers will direct how a server translates the functionality. The frontend aspect of website development combines HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to formulate the viewable and interactive components. By fusing knowledge of each end, a full-stack developer will craft a comprehensive online experience.

Start From The Ground Up

In order to thrive in a full developer role, it’s crucial that you learn the fundamentals. Enter; HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These provide the backbones of any website today (if your goal is to deliver a more interactive and enhanced user experience).

Start with HTML, which forms the vertebrae (or structure) of a website. HyperText Markup Language is translated by the browser into a viewable page for a user. Next, get yourself up to scratch with CSS which molds the style functions of a website. Using Cascading Style Sheets, developers can bring a page to life with distinct fonts, colors, and designs.

Refining Your Developer Skills

Once you have these competencies under your belt, it’s time to hone in on the more rigorous and necessary skills required.

Development Frameworks

Frameworks inject efficiency in full-stack development projects. JavaScript is used to build the underlying technology stack that forms the frontend framework (Vue.js, React.js and Angular.js).

The backend frameworks are composed through Node.js and Django.

Primary Backend Languages

You will need to have knowledge and understanding of:


● Python

● Ruby

● Java

Such languages build upon the foundations of HTML and CSS (which you already know now, right?).

Web Architecture And Design Skills

Building and operating the extensive software functions to create a digital output is a complex task, therefore, a full developer must be confident in their abilities to complete and manage a website’s architecture.

While full development requires the implementation of technical abilities, someone looking to excel in this environment will also be creative – after all, you will provide the user-orientated digital experience.

Mastery Of Web Protocols

A full dev will understand HTTP and REST as vital protocols in website creation. HTTP (or the more secure HTTPS) performs communication between server and client. REST produces an interconnection between frontend and backend and generates the ultimate digital experience.

A real Developer In 2021

Alongside these technical abilities, a great Dev should be incredibly patient, meticulous, analytical, and hungry for evolving industry knowledge. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but for those who are dedicated to becoming a full-stack developer, such a career is limitless, especially in 2021.