5 Signs You Work In An Amazing Company Culture

5 Signs You Work In An Amazing Company Culture

The traditional workplace is being challenged and reconstructed. The goal of accomplishing a Monday to Friday 9-5 role is left in the dust as employees crave more freedom, more variety, and an enhanced work-life balance. The term ‘wellbeing’ has never been so prevalent within the realms of the workplace.

Meanwhile, as expectations and requirements of new employees become greater, brands and businesses must appeal to those candidates who embody the best of the best; by promoting their unique and exciting company culture. The experience of work is now defined by a company’s ability to take care of its staff and their wellbeing. Here are the five signs you are working for a company with an amazing culture.

Supported And Encouraged To Grow

When working for a company, you are no doubt faced with the hierarchical structure of the workplace throughout your workweek. Traditionally, this mode protected the status quo and steady stream of workloads across staff, but the lines have steadily blurred. Managers are encouraged to be mentors and role models for those at the earlier stages of their careers. If you feel mentored and actively inspired to release your potential, then this is a good sign you are surrounded by a positive culture.

When the management structure of a business provides support and encourages its workforce to grow, it is producing a subliminal attraction to remain devoted to the team. A low staff-turnover represents a feeling of commitment and loyalty to a company that oozes an amazing culture.

You Feel Supported To Overcome Your Weaknesses

The dreaded obstacle of admitting our weaknesses is a rite of passage when it comes to appropriating a new role. However, in a society that translates vulnerability as a measure of courage, an organization should recognize its employee’s individual strengths and weaknesses. To this end, it is possible to match an employee to their ideal role. On one hand, this advocates wellbeing within the workplace. On the other, business efficiency and productivity are improved as the most appropriate member of staff is responsible for a certain task. Ultimately, it’s a snowball effect.

When you are compensated for your weaknesses, for example, offered flexible working for poor timekeeping or given space and time for additional training where you fall short, your organization is clearly proving themselves as owning an amazing culture.

Everyone On The Same Page

Once again, referencing the archaic hierarchical structure, information was traditionally released on a need-to-know basis. This format has no place in the context of 2021; transparency is key. A company that strives to maintain thorough communication at a consistent level across its workforce demonstrates an awareness of equality. It is also a necessary component when it comes to efficiency as there is no staggered release of information. Instead, everyone has access. Transparency encourages a close-knit and respect-driven environment, which equates to an amazing company culture.

Invigorating An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Slowly, companies recognize that the most effective approach to increasing productivity is through a happy, healthy workforce. Humans thrive off of acknowledgement from their peers and effective utilization of creative skills. So, companies inject drive through positive influence and ignite an entrepreneurial spirit amongst the staff. The shift to creating an amazing company culture is the new trigger for productivity, not holding the proverbial gun to an employee’s head.

Awareness And Emphasis On The Employee Experience

The employee experience relates to what people encounter, observe, and feel over the course of their career journey within an organization. Your experience is dictated by how well a company stands true to its ethos and culture to deliver results both internally and externally.

Turning employees into advocates of a business is incredibly effective for permeating a positive brand message of its exciting culture, both in external and internal contexts. Pizza lunches, half-days, trips out and financial rewards for successful innovation are all examples of incentives that serve to enhance the employee experience.

Are You Experiencing An Amazing Company Culture?

As the workplace moves beyond recognition, and with endless career paths as well as intermingling work roles housed within a single company, finding an organization that reflects your core beliefs through its incredible corporate culture has never been so accessible.

Today, companies seek to build cohesive and diverse teams that contribute both labor and culture.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to witness the evolution of the workplace, and company culture is one of the greatest assets to consider when considering your job role. To identify if you are in the correct company, it must always ensure the generation of constant opportunities, make sure that you can grow personally, that it recognizes your work and your good performance but above all that it is able to adapt to future changes so that this way you can always stay at the forefront of all the opportunities that organization offers.