Newtech Unveils Innovative Referral App for Efficient Hiring

Newtech has launched a groundbreaking referral app that aims to transform our Newtech recruitment process. The Referral App 2023 leverages employee and non-employee referrals to attract top talent and streamline hiring.
Through the app, Referrers can recommend qualified candidates for job vacancies at Newtech. Candidates, referred to as “Friends,” have the opportunity to be considered for employment. The app ensures privacy by requiring Referrers to obtain consent before submitting contact information.
Newtech’s recruitment team reviews referrals, matching candidates to job requirements. While a referral doesn’t guarantee employment, it increases the candidate’s chances. The app tracks referrals, crediting the first Referrer and minimizing duplicates.
Referrers are eligible for rewards based on the Referral Program offer. Newtech’s General HR Policies and Recruitment Procedures guide the process, and the company reserves the right to modify the program as needed.
The Referral App 2023 showcases Newtech’s commitment to innovation and utilizing networks to attract exceptional talent. By streamlining hiring and engaging with skilled professionals, Newtech aims to build a dynamic workforce for future success.