9 Companies With Corporate Cultures That Will Inspire You

Corporate culture is ultra important these days, and some companies are doing it right. Here are nine examples of brands who have put employee experience front-and-center.

#1 Zoom

This video conferencing software provider has hit the mainstream as more people have begun working, conferencing, and chatting from home. But, from day one, Zoom has focused on caring for their workers. For instance, they encourage their staff to bring their friends and family to work so their colleagues can get to know each other on a personal basis. When the pandemic started, Zoom also gave back, offering free licenses to K-12 educators.

#2 Patagonia

The bold moves of Patagonia don’t stop in their consumer-facing activities. Behind their doors, Patagonia has adopted flexible work hours to promote a healthy work-life balance along with an abundance of time-off so their employees can pursue their passions. In return, they’ve earned an extremely loyal base of clients and workers.

#3 Intuit

The “Design for Delight” (D4D) model utilized by Intuit is one of the best cultural approaches in the world of business. Their consistent organizational practices help them keep the focus on “delighting” both customers and employees every day and their employee perks are a definitive example of that with lots of PTO and compassion in the workplace.

#4 Hubspot

At the top of anyone’s “Best Places to Work List,” Hubspot has earned quite the name for itself as a forward-looking organization. One policy that helps exemplify their mission is the “no door policy,” which they say empowers every employee to speak their mind to anyone, regardless of a person’s position or seniority.

#5 Zappos

Zappos now has a well-established company culture that works by empowering employees to work with autonomy, something that’s unheard of in the service business. By giving employees the chance to “do whatever it takes” to keep customers happy, Zappos’ workers are able to succeed with confidence and control. Beyond that, Zappos is also proud to brag about its long lists of employee perks.

#6 Pixar

The incredible creativity that comes out of Pixar’s studios is unrivaled, and a huge part of that comes from their culture of supporting creativity in every facet. Their inspirational culture, which encourages employees to share unfinished work and rough ideas often, helps people grow together in an environment of collaboration and good-spirited feedback.

#7 Costco

When they were first establishing themselves, Costco earned a lot of attention for themselves with their operational choices, but their decision to empower, cross-train, and “un-standardize” the workplace has proven highly effective. No longer seen to be so radical, Costco’s culture has persevered, keeping employees happy for over 37 years.

#8 LinkedIn

The commitment to people is just one thing that has helped LinkedIn consistently earn a spot on Glassdoor’s list of Best Places to Work. It’s also their five founding principles that they actually put into action, each and every day. Those principles include: Transformation, Integrity, Collaboration, Humor, and Results, and it’s an approach that’s worked out perfectly for this professional social network over the years.

#9 Spotify While many services like it have come and gone, Spotify lives on as an extremely strong brand thanks to its unique strategies and strong company culture. Without a traditional corporate structure, their “squads, tribes, and guilds” have helped drive this company to success by cultivating shared interests amongst their large employee base. Meanwhile, their commitment to social experiences and fostering inclusion has taken them far.